I’m a photographer, made in Germany in 1977. I already have a blog in German up and running for quite some time, The Lazy Teddy. When I started to blog, though, I had a hard time deciding between German and English as my writing language. I ended up settling for German since I know too many people who are less than fluent in English. Every now and then, though, I found myself mentally composing an article in English, and when I sat down to write it I found I couldn’t translate it; at least not in a way that didn’t sound translated. So I finally decided to start a second blog, this time in English.

I didn’t want to focus on a specific topic; just as on my German blog I write about whatever comes to mind, including posting the occasional video of me embarrassing myself publicly with my guitar ;-). (Although I got much better since the first time I did that, both with my guitar and with singing :D.) On this blog I will probably write less about Linux, though; there are already so many tutorials, howtos and the like in English out there, most of them by people a lot more competent than I am.

As I said in the beginning, I’m a photographer. Mostly portraits when I work, but in my free time I like to do nature shots.

I’m a book worm. If you want to know what kind of books I like, here’s a little story… We had a visitor from America. He looked at my book case and asked me if any of those were science fiction or fantasy. I asked, “What do you mean, any?” Well, I do also like a good thriller — at least as long as there’s some ancient mystery involved. Historic novels are also ok. Just keep any book that has anything to do with reality out of my way 😉

I’m also a huge music fan, which is why you’ll most certainly find a few videos in my posts, and most of them from better musicians than me.

Other things I’m interested in are Linux, Star Trek, web designing. While I do work out a lot, it’s not something I do just for the fun of it, but rather to stay healthy.

If you want to get in touch, you can do so through either the contact page or my Google Profile.

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