Terrace Since it looks like summer might be at least peeking in for a bit, I created a little space on the patio; cleaned off the table, connected the netbook and decided it’s time for some writing, which I haven’t done in a while. I just updated several WP plugins, which led to the title — I feel like my life needs a little software update to clean up all the bugs 😉

Actually, though, things aren’t going too bad right now. Starting last month, I finally have a job that fits me — took me long enough after I came here. With the last one I think (I hope) I found the bottom of the barrel; I’m still running after my last salary, the one for March, plus 45 hours worth of overtime. I have a really good feeling, though, about the job I’m doing now, and what’s more, they don’t mind me doing my photography business on the side (it’s not competition, this job has nothing to do with photography whatsoever, and that’s probably better. I’m a much better photographer working for myself. I don’t have to worry about what the boss thinks about my work, which usually gets in my way as an employee; at least if the boss is also a photographer. So in a way it’s good that, just to pay my rent and put food on the table, I’m doing something entirely different.

Now that I had a month to settle in at the new job, it’s time to get back to doing the things that I love to do. April, the month I was out of work, feels totally wasted; I had a terrible cold, so I didn’t go for my daily walks, and since I couldn’t sing, I got sloppy with my guitar practice. Then came the new job and all the changes it brought with it, and a lot of times I felt to tired to go for a walk or pick up my guitar, and now I have to work really hard to get my fingers back in shape. But I guess, all in all, things are looking much better than they did two months ago, and hopefully I’ll be able to start writing something useful here again pretty soon.

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