Getting some excersise again

I am so proud of myself. I just went running, for the first time in a long time.

I haven’t done any serious exercise in about a year and a half. In 2011 I worked hard to lose weight, and I lost about 15 kilos. Then our move from Celle got in the way, and my stepper broke. Now I got about ten of those back, and I have been thinking for quite a while now that I have to get back in shape. The other day I was on the phone and I had to get downstairs (one floor down) to check something, all the while talking. When I came back up I was panting as if I’d been running a marathon. So, I really have to get moving again.

This morning I woke up at 20 after 5. I started to think about exercising again, and then I was thinking, I should start shopping for a new stepper, and then I was thinking about the money, and then I thought, well, I don’t absolutely have to spend money on equipment, I just could go running. Maybe I’ll start that. And, then, quite unexpectedly, I found myself getting up at 5:30 thinking, what’s wrong with now? I realized I have been making excuses for not exercising for a really long time.

This is what it looks like where I started to run... Good thing it was still dark.
This is what it looks like where I started to run… Good thing it was still dark.
I planed a route, which, according to Google Maps, is 1.4 k. Since this village is built on a hill, about half of that went uphill, in parts fairly steep. I put some music on my MP3 player — one song for running and one for walking. The running song is an instrumental (this one) which is about five minutes long and great for running; I used that before, when I was still living in Frankfurt. I thought, ok, for now I’ll be happy if I can make it through the song once before I start walking. But I actually managed to run the whole route, without slowing to a walk even once, which was was about two repeats of the five-minute-song and more than halfway into the third, about 13 minutes. Which I think is not bad for the first time, after a year and half with no cardio exercise whatsoever. So, yes, I’m really proud of myself.

Now I just need to hope I can keep it up. I changed my alarm from 6 a.m. to 5 a.m., so tomorrow is gonna be the real test.