Guitar with new strings — Video

As promised, here are some videos with my old guitar and the new strings, the 13s that I put on yesterday. Sounds great… The first one was even without the finger picks. Unbelievable how loud it suddenly is. Also, I tuned it down half a step; it’s now in E flat, so I’m actually in […]

The Magic of Books

Books are magic. Right now, I’m about one-third through Tad Williams‘ “Memory, Sorrow and Thorn — To Green Angel Tower: Siege”. I read this series two or three times in the German translation, now for the first time I’m reading in English. The last time I read them was quite a while ago, and I […]

Wacom configuration issues on Ubuntu 12.04

I just installed the Beta1 of Ubuntu 12.04 in a virtual machine because I’m soooooo curious. Also, I spent about an hour on the internet trying to find out how to configure the buttons on my Wacom Intous3 tablet. And yes, there is a connection between those two seemingly unrelated statements 😉 Since I just […]

Getting back into drawing

I used to be quite good at drawing, but I haven’t done any serious artwork in over a decade. I’ve been threatening to get back into it for quite a while now — since we moved, in fact — but somehow I never got around to it. I tried a few times but ended up […]

Concept check

We’re planning to do a promotion video for Alan, and we had some ideas that needed to be tested on the technical level. To find out if my latest idea for the project can be done with the means at our disposal, I created this little video of me singing with… me 😉 The quality […]

Causa Twitter and the state of “Free” and “Open” on the Internet

A blog post from Twitter published yesterday has fired up the censorship debate again. Right now, all over the internet people are discussing this, and the discussion doesn’t exactly show Twitter in a favorable light. Reading other people’s comments on the subject and posting my own made me realize I have to write something on […]

On Top Of Old Smokey

Here’s an old classic for you… wanted to record that forever, but never had a version I was really happy with. Now I moved it down to a key I actually feel comfortable with and thought it’s ready for a little video.

New CD from Alan Graham

  My friend Alan Graham has released a new CD. It’s a piano instrumental album, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I always find it hard to describe music with words; I can tell you about it all I want, the best way for you to know what the music is like is to listen to it, […]