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The Dark Side of Any Feminism

A few days ago, somebody in my circles on Google+ posted a link to this article by a female blogger I had not heard of before. She tells the story of how she and her friend attended an Open Source event and were harassed because of the way they dressed and how they were hurting […]

MyPaint: The first real success

After messing around with MyPaint for a bit I finally had the first real success, something that I’m actually proud to show off 🙂 That was based on a photograph of my grandparents’ old dog, that my parents later took over, when my grandparents became to old to handle him. It’s not perfectly true to […]

Guitar with new strings — Video

As promised, here are some videos with my old guitar and the new strings, the 13s that I put on yesterday. Sounds great… The first one was even without the finger picks. Unbelievable how loud it suddenly is. Also, I tuned it down half a step; it’s now in E flat, so I’m actually in […]

Wacom configuration issues on Ubuntu 12.04

I just installed the Beta1 of Ubuntu 12.04 in a virtual machine because I’m soooooo curious. Also, I spent about an hour on the internet trying to find out how to configure the buttons on my Wacom Intous3 tablet. And yes, there is a connection between those two seemingly unrelated statements 😉 Since I just […]

Welcome to my new blog in English :)

It’s been bugging me from the start that for my blog, at, I had to settle for either English or German. I chose German because I know a lot of people who would have trouble reading it otherwise, including my parents. Sometimes though I find myself not writing a post because, when I had […]