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It’s really unbelievable how you can jump from one distraction to the next. The day before yesterday, we created a G+ page for my musician friend. I didn’t get around to do anything with it yet; on Sunday it was already late in the day, yesterday afternoon I had to work (you know, actual work, […]

Causa Twitter and the state of “Free” and “Open” on the Internet

A blog post from Twitter published yesterday has fired up the censorship debate again. Right now, all over the internet people are discussing this, and the discussion doesn’t exactly show Twitter in a favorable light. Reading other people’s comments on the subject and posting my own made me realize I have to write something on […]

A dangerous question

“How old do you think I am?” Did you ever find yourself in a situation where somebody (usually a woman) asks you to guess their age? You don’t have to be a guy for this to happen to you; a lot of women are equally happy to ask this of a man or another woman. […]