Dabbling in HDR


Here’s my first more or less successful HDR attempt. I tried before, but never came up with a result I liked.
I took these photos a while back while on a walk; I wasn’t really out with the goal to take great pictures, I just like to have my camera with me when I go for a walk. I certainly wasn’t planning on doing HDR at the time, but I got into the habit of auto-bracketing when I’m outside a long time ago because it’s so hard to judge the exposure on the camera screen outside. So I had three exposures of this, and while browsing old images I thought this one looked like it could be interesting for a try.

I used LuminanceHDR for tone mapping, and since I don’t know squat about it I just went ahead and used the default values for everything. For this composition, I aligned the images manually in GIMP, and unfortunately, I couldn’t get it quite right; in the end I just gave up when I got it as close as I thought I could get it. With this picture I found it didn’t matter that much, anyway. On an architecture picture it probably would have been a problem, but in this case it just adds to the general surrealism, I think. Afterwards, with a new test with a different set of images, I tried the auto-align option with Hugin in LuminanceHDR, and it worked great — I just didn’t like the picture that much, so I prefer to post this one. I might try again with this picture next time I can muster the patience 🙂

Here are the original images:

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