MyPaint: The first real success

After messing around with MyPaint for a bit I finally had the first real success, something that I’m actually proud to show off 🙂


That was based on a photograph of my grandparents’ old dog, that my parents later took over, when my grandparents became to old to handle him. It’s not perfectly true to the original, but I’m not sure it should be.

I’m actually quite proud of the result, because, as I already pointed out, I haven’t done any serious artwork in about 15 years. Even back then I hardly ever did anything in color; mostly I did pencil drawings.

This one is… well, unfortunately only about 99 percent MyPaint. I did some touching up in Gimp, because it was a little bit too light. But hey. Nothing’s perfect. And I don’t really see this as cheating, since the work was already done on the computer anyway 😉

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